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What a difference a year makes | Chicago Child Photography

I always am amazed at what profound changes take place in the very first year of life.

It all starts here..

And then just as the pregnancy starts to feel like an eternity, you finally get to hold these beautiful little babies in your arms.


In the course of one short year they grow like weeds and turn into these adorable one year olds who can walk (or crawl), play, hide, giggle, laugh and wonder.  It’s all amazing.

Summer seems so far away…

But I’m totally sitting here dreaming about it as I’m posting these images of this beautiful family as we’re about to get some more of that cold white stuff dumped on us again by Mother Nature who obviously has it out for us.  And it’s March.  I heard on the radio today that if we get 14 inches or more overnight, this winter will go down as the snowiest winter in Chicago history.  And it just might happen.  This is nuts.

B & A

Meet my cousin Brandon and his fiance Andrea.  Although I’d like to say congrats on their recent engagement, the sad fact is that it was a while ago and their wedding is probably closer than their engagement was at this point (as you can tell from the outfit choices that certainly have not been a part of anyone’s wardrobe this winter in Chiberia).  I haven’t blogged here since I set up this site over a year ago, so I am embarrassingly behind.  I know, I suck.  I promise to be better all the time, and who knows… one day I might shock everyone and actually consistently keep on posting.  Until then, be happy with these images of this beautiful couple.  July will be here in the blink of an eye, Brandon & Andrea!  But we all know you’re ready;)

The Story of My Life – {Chicagoland Portrait Photographer}

I totally know this site was launched prematurely, but I couldn’t stand to look at my old site for one second longer as it was completely outdated.  My logic was that a new, somewhat put together blog/site had to be better than a really old, rarely updated site that I’ve had pretty much since I started this business 5 or 6 years ago, right?  And to further justify matters, I figured it would just be up for a week or two in it’s unfinished state until I had time to complete all the details and gather up all my favorite images.  Well, that was a good 4 months ago (as you can tell from the only blog post I’ve made since that day) and I still haven’t “found the time” to get ‘er done.  The. Story. Of. My. Life.  In the meantime, here’s a really cute press printed album I just sent off to the print lab for some of my favorite clients…